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Information concerning Official Angelic Reiki, practice and training.

In the UK more than one version of Angelic Reiki teaching has arisen. It is appreciated that this may be confusing to those considering receiving a healing or doing the courses. This site, and the practitioner and teachers listed here, are part of the official system. They are recognised by the co-founder Christine Core and registered with the Healer Foundation and alliance to the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association - a UK ethical umbrella organisation for complementary medicine).

Guiding Principles

We incorporate the full spectrum of knowledge and information taught by the founders Kevin and Christine Core.

We recognise the importance offering training that meets professional standards of practice and codes of ethics.

We offer flexible training in order to reflect different needs and requirements. Thus the teaching can address the needs of those who wish to practice this system professionally as well as those who wish to use the energy for self healing, personal empowerment and for supporting friends and family.

We recognize that there are certain principles that underpin the teaching of Angelic Reiki. These principles are not only needed to create an environment where the full potential of this energy can be experienced but are part of what defines Angelic Reiki and makes it different from other forms of Reiki. All teachers listed on this site have signed a charter agreeing to abide by these criteria and spiritual principles:

The essence of Angelic Reiki requires:

  1. The cleansing and dedication of the workshop space.
  2. The closing down of the workshop space.
  3. That it is the teachers' role to hold the space and that the teacher makes the appropriate personal meditational preparations.
  4. The space at the start of the each day is opened with the meditation from the manual. This can be added to by the teacher as they feel guided.
  5. The cleanses and attunements are given as written in the official manual without changes, additions or omissions; simply being read from the manual thus maintaining the purity.
  6. The 1st & 2nd Degree workshop is taught as a single workshop.
  7. The 3rd & 4th Degree workshop is taught as a single workshop.
  8. The 1st & 2nd Degree workshop takes place over 17 to 19 hours on consecutive days.
  9. The 3rd & 4th Degree workshop takes place over 17 to 19 hours on consecutive days.
  10. The Further Information/ Professional Practitioner's information will be covered in the workshops or as a separate workshop.
  11. The Master Teachers workshop takes place over 17 to 19 hours on consecutive days.
  12. All aspects of the syllabus are covered with no omissions.
  13. In order to hold the energy and facilitate the healing practices there needs to be a minimum of 4 participants on all the workshops.
  14. Distant/remote attunements cannot be facilitated for Angelic Reiki, and are not part of this system.

All teachers who have made a commitment to teach Angelic Reiki in a way that offers everything that Kevin and Christine taught, embrace the spiritual principles of the system and offer in-depth professional training are listed on this site and on the official international website