Christine's Channeling 25/02/2010 - written by Christine Core

Article: Diagnosing the Light Fantastic

I am the Archangel Michael and I bring my essence, my principle of clearing, forgiveness and new beginnings close to you this day as a gift and in service to you who hold the energy which you call Angelic Reiki on the earth at this time.

The system of healing that is known as Angelic Reiki is becoming more mature. It is growing into fulfilling new purposes and new missions for humanity and the planet at this time of great change. The light that is held around the earth now through the master crystals that you have attuned and your own angelic aspect in your lightbodies are creating a magnificent web of light. This web of light is now acting as a catalyst to clear certain negative programming that has been embraced by the collective consciousness of humanity over the great journey that you have walked on planet earth.

Humanity has collected in its physical body, emotional body and consciousness the programs and perceptions that arise when the illusion of separation drops in. These are the programs of the personality that mould perception of reality in creating interpretation of the events and feelings that arise. These programs have become so strong over the many thousands of years that they have actually created a perceived reality that fulfills these patterns and beliefs. With your light, dear ones, you are now facilitating the transmutation and the transformation of these programs and belief systems that act out of the ego self anchoring and sustaining an erroneous reality that has established itself.

We, of the Angelic kingdom, honor with great grace, love and gratitude the role of the collective consciousness of Angelic Reiki is now embracing and fulfilling. There are though symptoms on a personal level that have been felt and arise as you process on behalf of humanity these deep programs. This can feel a heavy path but as you offer yourself in service, which you have done, the personal experiences that ensue because of this clearing role, are in fact a magnificent personal gift. You are processing these belief systems that have been anchored into humanity through your chakras system and you are experiencing them in your everyday life through your emotional and mental bodies. These are the energies that create an arising of a feeling that you need to control.

An aspect of the personal gift is that it is bringing forwards an opportunity to recognize in a very acute way your individual programs that still find the space to act out. All of this comes from the illusion of separation and that you are not part of the one consciousness. Feelings of betrayal, feelings of needing to control, or being controlled, needing to justify, needing to explain, feelings of being hurt, misunderstood, of being alone, of being unloved.

Part of the process of clearing all of this for humanity is that on a personal level these issues can feel very acute.

I come to you this day with great love and respect and with the gift of my energy of cutting all ties to past events where you were not loved unconditionally, where you were misunderstood and experienced the consequences of that. The times when you were hurt by love given that wasn’t sincere. The times that you were betrayed by those who didn’t understand. The times that you were made to feel ‘less than‘or the times that you needed to feel ‘more than‘in order to maintain a sense of self.

I invite you to sit in a still place, breath in all energies for transmutation and allow this energy to deeply penetrate all cellular and DNA programming, all programming in the emotional response body and in the mental body which thinks that it is required in order for you to find stable ground. Breath these energies into your solar plexus and from there let my flame burn within every chakra, within every cell, within every strand of DNA, within every facet of your emotional body and within every program of your mental body. Ask now for it to burn away all programs of fear and disempowerment.

Dear ones, these are an illusion. They are the programs of long eons of separation from divine love. In truth, you are beautiful, you are perfect, you are loved. You are loved beyond whatever human perception can embrace. We see you full of grace, full of love. Allow these energies, this fire of transmutation to free you now so that the energies of humanity that you are collectively clearing pass gracefully through your consciousness not sticking on the hooks that connect to your individual, personal issues. As you become a clear channel, a clear vehicle for the light of transmutation, a clear presence holding the divine matrix of the angelic light for humanity you will shine so bright, sing a song of beauty and emit such energies of love that your life will be full of grace and joy.

I am permanently with you and will serve you in all that you ask. My energies of transmutation and freedom have no limits.

I am with you in love. I bow to you. I love you.

The Archangel Michael through Christine.

To give you a little bit more information this is the guidance. The process of clearing through the Angelic Reiki grid means that anything within our selves is being magnified and most of the energy that you is being experienced is not yours. But the triggering within us of our individual“stuff” is attracting to us situations that mirror the energies. So with in the Angelic Reiki family and in our personal lives events are arising as a consequence.

The Archangel Michael has given us a meditation to counter this and I suggest that it would be good to do it as a world wide group as well as individually. I suggest that those in the East do the Archangel Michael clearing at 9.00 p. m. Singapore time, us in the West at 9.00pm GMT and those in the Americas 9.00pm EST on Sunday 28th February, the full moon. The intention is for us individually and collectively.

The responsibility does lie with each of us not to respond to the triggers and know that most of what we are feeling is not ours personal but because of the energies of the clearing that are passing through us.

We are embracing a challenging task, but we volunteered for it, let us do it gracefully.

With Love, and looking forwards to joining with you on Sunday.