Unconditional Love and Planetary Control - written by Christine Core

Article: Diagnosing the Light Fantastic

Everything is energy. The swine flu virus is just energy; the thoughts of politicians and warmongers is just energy; and the blue light up in Norway that may have come from a HARP installation, is just energy. All energy has a design or specific patterning. This is why different energies feel different. Through the understanding of the Merkabah we can see that all of these energy patternings form a specific geometry. It has been shown that the aids virus has a geometry based on the icosahedron (any, lectures by David Wilcock Pt2). In fact everything that exists has a pattern or geometry. Angels are the core archetypal geometries of creation. The example of this which is most well known is Metatron's Cube.

Unconditional Love is expressed from our higher heart centre. It is not the love for something or someone. Unconditional love is more of a state of being down a response to a situation. Unconditional Love, like everything else is energy, and it has a specific pattern or geometry. Its wavelength has actually been measured and given a specific numerical value. Just as in quantum mechanics, where it is recognised that everything is either a particle or wave, unconditional love can also be seen as either a static geometry or are moving wave.

Light and Love are the pure emination of the divine. The energy of Unconditional Love, the pattern of its geometry and the wave of its motion is the most congruent energy in creation. It moves through everything bringing what ever it touches back to its own divine patterning. There is nothing it cannot affect. There is nothing that it cannot bring back into harmony and balance. It is the balancing energy of creation. Just as if someone in a choir is singing out of tune, if the person next to them sings the perfect note it enables them to come back into tune. This is the nature of unconditional love. It brings everything back to resonate with divine perfection. It is omnipotent and totally unrestrained by time and space.

Through love we are totally omnipotent. Creation has no other choice but to bend to the divine will of love.