The Wisdom of the Ancients and Protection - written by Kevin Core

Illustration of Photon Band

For those of you who have done workshops with Christine and I, you will have heard us explain our views on the shortfalls of the New Age. When I first came into this work 20 years ago, my source of information was the standard works put out as part of the Secret Mystery Tradition. As my old friends dropped away, as is usually the case when you adopt spiritual work, and I started to connect with other people who were also expanding consciousness as part of the wave of activations taking place at this time, I was subjected to a view that all of the teachings that had gone before were outdated. That there was nothing in substance to be gained from the old wisdom because of the new place we have found ourselves due to the special alignments which are taking place as part of the Ascension process. Christine and I believe that it is of the utmost folly to ignore the body of esoteric work that has been gathered together over the last 8000 years.

All of the mystery traditions, whether they came out of Egypt, Greece, Babylon or Tibet, are humanities contribution to mapping the structure of consciousness as it affects a single atom, the animal kingdom, humanity, the planet, the solar system, and beyond. Magical systems, whether they are based on Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Quabalah, the Tarot, or the Greek pantheon of God's, are visual symbolic representations of the structure of consciousness as important as the work on archetypes by CG Jung.

As we now know the Ascension is about humanity raising its vibration of consciousness. We are evolving into a higher species. As the energy of the Photon Band alters the very structure of our DNA, which is reprogramming our consciousness at a higher level, we are entering levels of perception undreamed of before with no current references. It therefore seems to me, to be the path of the wise, to draw on all available information so that we may navigate our way successfully through these turbulent waters.

The shortfalls of the New Age, as I see it, is that there are a multitude of workshops and activations available throughout the West but there is little or no emphasis put out about the effects of energy work on the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies. Through all of the work and workshops that Christine and I have done over the last five years it has become increasingly apparent that many people are having problems with grounding and integrating spiritual energy. For us, this matter is serious, because in esoteric healing it is known that an overstimulation or a lack of integration of energy through the etheric body can lead to serious illness. In our experience the inherent dangers of doing energy work without wisdom is never explained in the New Age. Quite the contrary; for it is implied in quite a lot of the New Age material that doing spiritual work will lead you into a place of harmony, beauty, and joy, where the excesses of the material world will literally disappear and be replaced by ranks of celestial beings. Those of us grounded in spiritual work know that this is the truth, but one has to put in a lot of hard work in letting go and clearing outdated thought forms, personal traumas, and reinventing oneself without ego. To put forward a view that all you have to do is read spiritual books, turn some Angel cards, and attend spiritual workshops in order to ride the wave of the Ascension is a disservice.

Christine and I, therefore, have been guided to integrate the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom into the work that we are now doing and the workshops that we teach. An important part of the ancient wisdom has always been the ability to clear any negative energy one finds around oneself. There are ancient techniques for doing this, which are taught in all of the mystery traditions, which have their roots in the temples of Egypt. It is our pleasure to put out one of these techniques in service to you all.

It has always been known that the method, par excellence, which manifests and grounds spiritual energy in a very powerful way, is ritual. We have therefore created two small rituals to both connect you to your higher self, and to clear any negative energy around you. We have recorded these rituals and placed them on the Angelic Reiki website. They are available to you all, if you so wish, to be downloaded for free. To access these recordings please use the following link:

As in all of the work that we do, there is a lot of powerful esoteric symbolism attached to these meditations and will cause profound shifts in consciousness. We ask you to practice them in all seriousness but also in the joy of contacting and merging with Spirit.

Love and Peace Always,
Kevin & Christine Core.

Christine Core international teachers and co-founder of Angelic Reiki with her late husbad Kevin and twin flame.