A Tribute to Kevin Core who channelled the system of healing known as Angelic Reiki

Kevin Core

He was quiet and unassuming. Everyone who met him loved him and knew there was something different and special. I was talking to my Egyptian neighbour yesterday who was asking how I was. He said in his broken English, "Everyone who met Kevin, even for a short moment, loved him. He was an angel you know, and he's still looking over us”. “Yes I know” I replied. During workshops his quiet presence would fill the room and was palpable. It still is. He had amazing perception and when asked the question was able to give an answer that could totally shift that person's consciousness.

Djwhal Khul was his lifetime guide and master. It was Kevin's willingness to totally give his life over to spirit and follow his guidance that allowed him to channel the healing system Angelic Reiki. Angelic Reiki also unfolded because of Kevin's vast knowledge and deep understanding of spirit. In his unassuming way he would often say to me "Why is it that I can understand how the universe works and have all the answers reveal to me"? This ability used to actually quite overwhelm him, but it was wonderful to live with providing deeper and deeper insights into any question I had. Comments as to how Angelic Reiki has changed someone's life constantly streaming to my computer as do wonderful stories of healing. E-mails of gratitude came in from all around the world after the news of his death. In its short life of just six years and small beginnings in our home town in Yorkshire, there is now someone holding the energy of Angelic Reiki in 19 countries and always the feedback "This is something special".

He had no other life than that devoted to meditation and understanding consciousness. It was a great joy to him when he discovered the supreme meditational practice that works with the "science" of consciousness, The Merkabah. He loved teaching our Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation workshop and magically wove a programme of ancient teachings and meditations that took this practice to a new level.

We moved to live in Egypt in 2005 and he came to regard this land as his home. It nourished his mind, sprit and body. His other love with United States where he had worked as an engineer in Los Angeles (of course).

As I said at the beginning he died as he had lived, posing questions. He taught me never to judge a lifetime. Kevin’s was an extremely difficult one, but sometimes this is how one's last incarnation needs to be in order to clear all remaining Karma. He taught me not to judge pain as bad. Many of our most graceful, loving and indeed divine moments together were when things were difficult. He taught me never to judge disease and to see it as an amazing gift that we bring to ourselves to enable deep clearing. He taught me not to judge death because there is no separation. Most of all he taught me to love unconditionally.

One question does still remain though, as it must when all special people die, and that is why do they leave the incarnation when they have still so much to give. But of course there is an answer, they are still here and they are still giving.

Christine Core

Christine Core international teachers and co-founder of Angelic Reiki with her late husbad Kevin and twin flame.