Removing the Mask of Separation Through Angelic Reiki - written by Christine Core

Removing the mask of seperation through Angelic Reiki

More than 22,000 years ago the beings that inhabited our planet and lived on the islands that we now know as Atlantis, saw the world is a mesh of light that connected everything. This was a web of consciousness that interwove between everything. Well actually, this is not quite accurate. They did not perceive that there was a “they”, looking out on the world and seeing this Web of light, they knew that they were this Web of light. This was their consciousness, and woven in with this field of consciousness were denser areas of energy that manifests as what we might call things and people. There was just this Web of light, their consciousness was this Web of light, there was no separation, no view of this and that, here and there, him and her etc. They absolutely only experience that there was the one consciousness. This consciousness was simply the awareness that they were Love.
Then in the great cycle of all things, the cycle of creation, the forgetting and a remembering, the out breath and in breath of Brahma, the illusion of separation began. They moved into a photon band of light emanating from the centre of our Galaxy, just as we are doing as we approach 2012. Light illuminates everything and what was illuminated at this time were seeds of forgetting, the forgetting that we are just the ONE conscious Love. Over the 2000 years that the earth was in this photon band the energy energised the thought forms seed of separation. There arose the concept that there was an I AM "THAT" as opposed to there being a I AM, the all ONE. Thus the evolution of an identification with a self grow. With this idea that there was an individual self, personality developed. With the idea that there is a self there became possible that there was a non-self, that there were other people. The interplay of action and reaction, of opinion and judgment was born.

The truth is that if there is no me, then there is no you, there is just love.

Angelic Reiki is the invitation to again drop the sense of self and separation and reawakened to the knowing that there is just the awareness of love, Divine Love. In truth I am you, and you are me. We are all Divine Love on the journey back to remembering. Nothing changed, humanity simply chose to see it in a different way.

For 2000 years Atlantis fell more or more into a sense of self, into self-ish-ness. We are in the process now of the return journey and we are experiencing the growing pains of shedding so many masks and skin.

The invitation of Angelic Reiki is to embrace everyone in love to support all our brothers and sisters through what we are experiencing as the painful task of shedding and breaking out of our illusion.