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QUESTION: What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and other Reiki systems?

"There are many differences between the Reiki systems that are taught in the world and Angelic Reiki. Anybody who does the course can definitely feel these differences, however, people do need to have a description of the main differences that define this system in regards to others.


It is now generally accepted that the system of healing known as Reiki is the original system of healing that was practiced in Atlantis. Again, it is widely accepted that the civilisation of Atlantis was higher in consciousness in regards contacting Divine Wisdom than our society today. They used vibrational symbols to contact divine energies which when applied to a closed system, such as the physical body, would bring balance and alignment to the archetypes upon which that body was formed. This is the modus operandi of all healing. Humanity, as part of the root race which was Atlantis had chosen the steady descent into the density of the material world. This caused the programming held in the base chakra, the fight and flight programming which created the leader of the pack, the tribe, the King, to also create ego. As ego developed it created rifts in the priests of Atlantis causing enmity, self-centeredness, and ultimately led to the dissolution of Atlantis through the misuse of energies for personal gain.

Likewise, all of the esoteric practices used by the priests of Atlantis dropped into a state of disconnection to Divine Archetypes and the purity was lost.

The healing system of the Atlantian's was rediscovered by Dr Usui in the 1880s, due to humanity now being on the opposite of the 26,000 year cycle of our solar system, where Atlantis was destroyed. There is an esoteric interplay in any cycle, whereby points on that cycle are at 180° to each other.

The system of healing that Dr Usui rediscovered has been strictly preserved through the lineage of the purity of transmission of the symbols that Dr Usui brought forward.

The spiritual perception of humanity in the 1880s encompassed the fact that we were part of a system known as the Solar System. What this means is that intellectual/spiritual humanity at that time could only perceive themselves to be part of the Solar System, and could not cognize anything beyond that. Remembering that the channel can only bring through where they are in consciousness at any one time, the symbols that Dr Usui contacted were given out at the vibration of humanity at that time, which was solar consciousness. Taking into account that all symbols have seven levels through which they can be interpreted, the symbols given out by Dr Usui were thereby given out at the vibration of solar plexus.

Since the 1880s, humanity has expanded in consciousness at an accelerated rate. After the Second World War, a leap in consciousness caused by the massive clearing of that war, allowed humanity to expand its consciousness to embrace the fact that we are one solar system in a galaxy of many solar systems. This could be termed galactic consciousness. This was reflected in the popular rise of science fiction, and the possibility that there were other races in the Galaxy. All of the Reiki systems which have developed since this time have expanded on the traditional Reiki symbols, and given those symbols out at the new vibration of galactic consciousness, which equates with the heart chakra.

Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, another leap in consciousness ensued which has allowed the Reiki symbols to now be given at higher vibration's than heart chakra. When Angelic Reiki was first channeled in 2003, we were aware that the attunement's to the symbols were taking place at the throat chakra vibration. The vibration of the attunement's has steadily increased since this time. With the anchoring of the Crystal Grid in November, 2005, we were made aware that for the first time since Atlantian times the healing symbols of Atlantis have the possibility of being given out at the full 7 levels of form and Divine Form.

In Angelic Reiki all of the symbols given, are given through the full 7 levels of form and Divine form.

However, because of the strict adherence to the vibration given out by Dr Usui through the transmission of lineage, our feeling is that the symbols of the Usui Reiki system are still only being given at the vibration of heart chakra. This does not detract from the power of Usui Reiki as a healing tool. It is up to the individual student to feel the vibration of the system to which they are attracted, and make a choice therein.

From time immemorial, through all of the mystery school traditions, activations in consciousness have been given by the Master to the student through initiation. Before initiations were given the student had to prove, often through physical trial, their worthiness to receive the initiation. This practice has been somewhat diluted by the New-Age Movement.

An initiation is an energetic attunement of the Masters consciousness imprinted up on the consciousness of the student. It is a coming together; an overlighting of one consciousness by another, in order to raise the vibration and awareness of that consciousness into the radiant light of the Master.

Through the general availability of attunements to Usui Reiki, and other forms of Reiki, whereby the teacher has attained master level through physical attendance on the course only, without the physical and mental extended preparation and rigidity of lifestyle practiced by initiates of the old mystery schools, some of the attunements given today through the Reiki system are not of the highest. The student receiving such an initiation can open themselves to be imprinted by a consciousness that is still working through egoic issues, emotional drama and personality attachments.

The Angelic Reiki system has always intended to be a system of healing, that through the use of symbols which channel Divine Archetypal Energies, will attune the seven bodies of man to their original divine vibration. In order that these symbols are transmitted to students in their purity, they are not given as an initiation by the teacher who is holding the workshop. That teacher opens up a space, a vortex of energy, whereby the Angelic Kingdom manifests their energy around each student and anchors the symbols into the appropriate chakras. The symbols are thereby given at divine vibration, and as such, affect the consciousness of each student from the moment they are given.


In this system there are the traditional initiations, one through four. In addition to these, there are two other initiations which are purely angelic. The angelic kingdom was created as part of an earlier round, an earlier evolution of this universe. There is, therefore, a vast difference between the vibration of an Angel and the vibration of an incarnated human being. This being recognized, the Archangel Metatron insisted that an initiation into the angelic vibration be an integral part of this system.

It is my experience that these initiations into the angelic vibration are the most profound part of this system. It is my understanding that through these initiations the atomic spin of every molecule in the human body of the student receiving this attunement is speeded up. This allows the energy of the student to more perfectly blend with the energy of the angels which are their constant companions after this initiation."

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QUESTION: Do I need to have completed a course of Reiki in another system before taking an Angelic Reiki workshop, or have done some kind of spiritual workshop or study?

"There are no requirements for attending an Angelic Reiki workshop, whether that be Angelic Reiki 1 & 2, or the full system in nine days. Our only hope is that you have an earnest desire to connect to the Angelic Kingdom , to want to be more in control of your life, to help others and yourself, and to recognize the possibility that you are more than you thought you were."

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QUESTION: When giving distant healing do I need the permission of the person to whom I am sending the healing?

"It has been put out by other Reiki systems that it is wrong to send healing to somebody who has not given you permission to do so. Christine and I do not recognize this is the truth.

For example, if you are travelling on public transport, and a person sits in front of you who is suffering from some kind of illness, you may feel you wish to help them. If you ask yourself where the feeling of wanting to help them comes from, I would suggest it would come from a place of empathising with that persons suffering. This is also known as compassion. It is not feeling sorry for the person, but recognizing that that person is walking a path that is causing them pain and you can feel that pain. Compassion arises from the heart and is based on love. Based on this feeling of compassion, you decide to direct the energy of Angelic Reiki to that person in order to relieve their suffering, and because compassion has the energy of love, this cannot be wrong. The manifestation of love is the whole reason why this universe is in creation at this time."

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QUESTION: When giving the attunements, I visualized the symbols in my mind as best I could but was wondering if this was necessary as I don't see it mentioned in the manual.

"In this system it is not necessary to visualise the symbols when doing healing, or giving them as an attunement. As in all initiations the vibration of the initiation is anchored in consciousness, which is your light body. In healing, if a patient needs a particular symbol it will jump from your light body into their light body and thus cause the needed reaction."

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QUESTION: Is it possible to practice Angelic Reiki on pregnant women, safely?

"Although there are many reasons why Angelic Reiki was given at this time, one of the main ones is the fact that many races other than human are now anchoring into human form. For one of the galactic races to anchor into a human incarnation is not an easy task. The vibrational rate of the consciousness coming in is of a much higher frequency than your average human consciousness. This can cause many problems in the merging of that consciousness with the human vehicle being prepared. In the past, this has caused many problems leading to such disorders as autism, and dyslexia of various degrees.

Certain of the Angelic Reiki fraternity have been called on to assist women in going through such a pregnancy. The hallmarks of such a pregnancy are that the expectant mother feels intense nausea and upset for the entire first six months of the pregnancy. They can get into great fear that something is wrong. Indeed, the first six months is the most dangerous time, and any Angelic Reiki healer supporting a woman in this space, needs to be aware that they need to be doing at least one healing on that person every month. I personally have helped one of my students bear an angelic incarnation. This pregnancy was marked by the above, and at two points in the first six months, the mother experienced bleeding, this, I was assured, was normal in this kind of pregnancy.

As more and more of our star brothers and sisters wish to assist us here on the earth, and anchor their presence here through the incarnational line of humanity, we must be prepared to do this work.

If the pregnancy that you are called in to assist in is a normal pregnancy, only good can come from the healing that you will practice. In normal pregnancy, as in the above, it has been noted by the mother that the actual birth process went remarkably quickly, and with very little pain."

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QUESTION: Is it possible to use Angelic Reiki on animals?

"It is perfect to use Angelic Reiki on animals. Animals do not have opinions, and therefore they are very open to receiving healing. There is no limit to the healing you can give to the animal kingdom, either using hands on or distant healing.

I am currently giving healing to a dog in California with lymphoma. In the past I have healed a lame horse, and many kinds of dogs and cats, all quite successfully. In fact, if you give healing to an animal you will make a friend for life.

One must always be aware of any legal requirements."

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QUESTION: Is it necessary that the attunements be done to Michael Hammer's Awakening the Lightbody? I plan to purchase these cds, but all I had available for a students attunement was a copy of Gifts of the Archangels. What if I end up in a situation in which I have no music (not likely, I know, but I'm curious)?

" In our experience we have found that the music written by Michael Hammer is the closest that comes in vibration, musically, to the angelic vibration. It is, therefore, that we recommend his music to support you in healing, and attuning your students.

It would not matter if you had no music at all. The attunements are done through opening a vortex of angelic energy. The means to do this are taught in the workshop at master level."

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QUESTION: When raising the vibration of food, is it powerful enough just to use the Cho-Ku-Rei symbol myself? Lately, I've been bringing in an Angel each time I eat and going through the entire process including the anchoring with Michael, but I have started to wonder if this was a significant enough reason to call in an Angel?

"The principle involved in clearing food of any negative energy is intention. Any energy of sufficiently high vibration will dislodge any lower vibrational energy from the food. The kind of energy we are talking about is the preparation of food by a person who does not enjoy the work. If that person prepares the food in bitterness at having to do the job, that will be passed to the food and you will ingest it."

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QUESTION: Can you clarify for me what the difference is between calling in an Angel and using Angelic energy?

"Angels are a manifestation of divine archetypes, what Plato called "ideas". If you call in the energy of a specific Angel, depending on the name of the Angel will depend on the particular archetype you wish to contact. To work with the names of angels requires some knowledge of what each particular Angel brings as an archetypal energy.

It is possible to bring in the energy of the angelic kingdom. This is a akin to tuning in to the divine mind at archetypal level. Generally, if you did this, you would be accessing the archetypal consciousness of the macrocosm, and imprinting it on the microcosm to cause balance."

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QUESTION: As I generally endeavour to be aware of my breathing, and often ponder what the most powerful way to breathe is (i.e. accompanying visualizations, mantra, etc.), I sometimes wonder why not breathe in and out the Angelic energy all the time, and when I'm in public I often do so. Is it okay to ask for the Angels and Masters to be with me all the time? (part of me feels that's a silly question, but I'm still not sure). Doing this, makes the routine of calling in and "releasing" these Beings somewhat fuzzy. Does it need to be clear? Are the healings less powerful if I'm not completely present? For example, sometimes I might be holding a conversation with someone and be facilitating a healing at the same time in the back of my mind. If I lose focus in this context or in self-healing at night, but come back to it, do I just trust that the Angel(s) are still there?

"As a human being breathes in and out, so they are performing on a lesser scale, the in and out breath of the divine manifesting as a universe.

All of the questions above comes from a place of being separate from that which you wish to contact. It is our supposition that there is no separation, and there never can be for we are all one. The separation which you are talking about is in consciousness, of not being able to retain contact in your mind, because that mind is flitting from subject to subject constantly. In truth, you are constantly connected to the divine as it manifests as this universe. My advice is to let go of the fear, the doubt, and the worry that makes you believe that you have to do something in order to be that which you already are."

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QUESTION: In the manual, the attunements describe the Triple Grid activation twice in detail; whereas, when you gave the attunements in the workshop, you described them once then said reverse the spin of these grids and gave time for this to happen. Is it fine for me to use the later method as well, and if so, is it best that I go over the triple grid activation again mentally, or should I just trust/feel it happening?

"Because of my illness last year, some of the books that were given out had errors within them. One of those errors was the re-stating of the energies to be cleared in the triple grid on the reverse spin. Please disregard this. You only have to state the energies to be cleared once. If you have a manual where this error exists, could you please rectify it."

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QUESTION: Can the pronoun "we" be used in place of "I" during the attunements, or is it more powerful to use "I" and tell people to repeat what I say mentally as if they were saying it or just affirm that I speak for them?

"My advice is to use what feels right for you. Personally, I never instruct my students to repeat in consciousness what I say during an attunement. I have always found that the angelic energy creates the effect in the consciousness of my students that I wish to impart. You are the Initiator, and as such give the blessing of the initiation to your students."

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QUESTION: Can I use the reiki symbols in my advertisements?

"My advice is to not use the reiki symbols in any advertising. The symbols are a vehicle for the anchoring of divine archetypes, and in the past have been regarded as secret. Although that is now not the case, it still feels right not to pass these symbols out for general dissemination."

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QUESTION: I have had a difficult time understanding where the third chakra is. I've tried not to see it as such a big deal, but it keeps coming up as it is part of visualizations I do nearly everyday, but which seem to conflict. In my kriya yoga practice, it is said to be (and I can feel it) along the spine directly behind the navel (the 2 nd chakra is at the coccyx, and this third chakra has the same characteristics as what is generally referred to as the solar plexus chakra), and in the Merkabah meditation, I visualize a ball of light at the solar plexus, which is where I put my hand when doing Angelic Reiki. Can you explain the discrepancy, both in terms of the vertical location of this third chakra and in regards to the location of all the chakras in the body - are they along the spine or more towards the center of the body?

"All of the chakras in the human body are located in the etheric body. This is the network or grid of energy on which the physical body sits. Depending upon the mode of consciousness or the emotional state that you are in in any one time dictates how the etheric body integrates with the physical body, and its relative size to that physical body.

If there is congestion within the etheric body, or an over stimulation it can also affect how the etheric body integrates with the physical body. You can see, therefore, that the etheric body is always in flux depending upon the consciousness of the incarnated being. Likewise, the chakras which are located within the etheric body, can be perceived to move from place to place. This is the reason why various esoteric schools which teach methods of expanding and contracting the etheric body differ in relation to where the chakras are located."

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QUESTION: Are you familiar with Drunvalo's relatively recent material about the sacred space (zero point I would say) within the physical heart? If so, what role do you think this space and the practices aimed towards experiencing it play in the ascension process? I ask because I am in the process of discerning what to focus my energy on. Reaching this heart space feels very profound to me, but after attending the workshop nearly one year ago, I feel no closer to it and feel that it is because I do not give it enough time.

"Drunvalo has rightly perceived that there are esoteric centres within the heart. In actual fact, there are seven heart spaces within the human brain, and seven brain centres within the human heart. Part of the knowledge of this is one of the secrets of the ancient wisdom and has not been given out at this time. My advice to you is to meditate on the spaces and let the knowledge arise."

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QUESTION: Do you have a particular way that you prefer to breathe.ha, besides through your nose or mouth and above water! Like I said before, I am curious about the results of breathing in certain ways. Sometimes I like to breath through my heart chakra, but I've been trying sometimes lately to imagine breathing through the zero point in my physical heart. Breathing through the crown seems to make a lot of sense and is done in many of the meditations I've practiced, and breathing energy up from the root chakra is the main focus of kriya yoga practices, which aims to awaken the kundalini. Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed with the options that I can't decide and try to imagine breathing through them all at once.I'm sure you can guess how long that lasts.

"As you have said, there are many ways to practice breathing. It is an esoteric truth that your breathing is related to your consciousness, in fact the two are one. As you hold a thought in consciousness, and consciously breathe into that thought as a reality, it will cause it to manifest.

A practice that we have been teaching throughout 2006, and more so in this year, 2007, is a practice we term the Developing Breath. This is a basic form of pranayama, and opens up the energy channels within the etheric body to maintain good health. It also allows you to contact kundalini energy, or another form of energy which has been termed Virilic or the ' Elan Vital', which is universal life force energy, the energy which animates matter."

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QUESTION: Regarding the developing breath, do we visualize the breath coming in from the crown chakra during the entire exercise? What is the significance of counting along with one's heart beat (which, for me, increases drastically in speed when I'm holding my breath)? Is the afternoon technique the same as the morning but simply starting with the opposite nostril (blocking the left)? Why the change, and can it be done in the evening/night?

"In the developing breath, one is aware that there are three energy channels within the etheric body. In the Hindu tradition these have been termed the Ida, the Pingala, and the Sushumna. The Sushumna is the central channel down the etheric spine. The Ida, corresponds to the left nostril, and the left channel down the etheric spine, which is negative. The Pingala, corresponds to the right nostril, and the right channel down the etheric spine, which is positive. In your etheric body, at the bridge of your nose are 2 etheric chakras. As you breathe through each nostril, successively, you should focus on passing the air through each of these centres, depending on which nostril you are breathing in at any one time.

We breathe in tune with our heartbeat because our heart beat out our natural rhythm. That rhythm is also in tune with the rhythm of the planet, the solar system, and the Galaxy.

In the morning practice, one should start with the nostril which is the opposite energy to the energy coming into the planet, which is positive. Likewise, in the evening, one should start with the nostril which is opposite to the energy i.e. negative. The most perfect time to do this practice is at sunrise, and sunset."

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QUESTION: What exactly does it mean that in Angelic Reiki, the Reiki symbols are activated on all 7 levels? I wrote in my pamphlet "all 7 levels of creation". Is this accurate, and if so, what exactly does it mean -- different dimensions, levels of consciousness? and what is it that makes these levels different (despite being all one)?

"The rule of seven is a cosmic law. The divine manifests through seven rays or emanations. This is a divine archetype and all creation mirrors this. This is why there are seven sacred planets in our solar system, why there are seven spiritual ashrams on the inner planes, and why you have seven chakras. All symbols can be interpreted through the seven levels of consciousness. Each symbol will carry a different energy depending at what level it is contacted. In the initiations of Angelic Reiki we ask for the symbols given to be activated through all seven levels of form and divine form so that the student has access to all the levels of consciousness on which those symbols can be contacted."

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QUESTION: On one of the websites that is linked to yours (angelicreikiwisdom I think -- the one with music) the person states that a 20 minute healing session is "the physiological equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep". Is this true, and if so, how do we know this?

"It feels that the teacher who has put this out has perceived this in her healing sessions. It is a truth that when a person goes into an altered state, which is what happens in Angelic Reiki healing, it is akin to that person's consciousness vibrating at the level normally associated with Rem sleep. If that person maintains this level of consciousness, I could quite understand that person feeling as if they had had three to four hours sleep."

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QUESTION: My mom and I went to the workshop together, and we found that we were both feeling very depressed about a month or so afterwards. And, we both had an aversion to doing healing work. Whereas it is usually a source of joy and energy for both of us, it has ceased to be so. Is this perhaps a temporary "clearing" effect or is it something to be concerned about? Please advise.

"It is a clearing in a way but my feeling is that this is not the full story. Part of our own personal spiritual path is to grow into the awareness that there is nothing outside ourselves that can give us anything. The first part of this path, which is about letting go of who we think we are as a personality, leaves the personality feeling depressed because the realisation that what used to give us pleasure is starting to drop away.

True joy is a constant state of consciousness. If our happiness, love, fulfillment etc is subjective and the consequence of an external event then this means that it can be taken away if the event changes. The happiness, love, fulfilment etc was therefore in consequence of.........., it is transient and therefore not coming from the wisdom of knowing who we are. That we are, in the true essence of that Being of Light Joy, Love, fulfillment, etc. The concept of the unconditional space and the idea that there is "nothing to do", initially can takes away the feeling of satisfaction as a healer.

The only way that we find true peace, love and joy is to rest in the stillness of the now moment, unconditionally, totally accepting what ever is there."

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QUESTION: Do you have any experiences or advice about using Angelic Reiki to treat autism?

"With situations like autism it is important to understand the big picture in order to define what we might perceive as "healing". Our incarnation and purpose is interplay between all the other players in our life's journey. Often diseases like autism, childhood cancers etc have been chosen by the incarnating soul in service to other members of the family. This is usually a lifetime's mission to enable the relative to learn a particular lesson.

Autism can also be caused by inappropriate intervention or difficulties during the pregnancy and vaccination of an indigo child. It is not easy for these new children to incarnate in dense physicality and many hormonal changes have to take place in the mother to enable the anchoring of this higher vibrational soul. If this is compromised or incomplete a state of consciousness which the medical profession would label autism can result. Angelic Reiki in this situation can enable the child or person to feel more comfortable here and to connect with the aspect of themselves which was not able to anchor into the incarnation.

I am sure that I have not covered every aspect here and suggest that anyone who involved in bringing Angelic Reiki to a situation like autism should just be open to guidance to the insights that is needed."

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QUESTION: I am having some difficulty in sorting out the esoteric truth about the cause of disease. Before I started to study energy medicine, I studied nutrition- so I am inclined to think that diet plays a role. And that leads me to think that Angelic Reiki would not be enough to help anyone because I must also help them correct their diet or use nutritional healing. So, my question is then, what role does diet play in health? I have also read that certain foods (such as dairy or alcohol) obstruct the nadis or that high frequency foods like juices help awaken kundalini energy or assist in the transmutation of the body into a more spiritual form. I have also been very concerned in the past with food allergies, processed foods, and white sugar as major causes of disease. Perhaps these can be prevented by blessing all foods? As you can tell, I am very confused on this subject and would appreciate advice. I do not want to perpetuate false beliefs in my clients or myself that impede the healing process or unnecessarily interfere with more carefree type lifestyles.

"Angelic Reiki does not preclude the need for good nutrition. We cannot expect the physical body, the emotional body (governed by the hormonal system) or the mental body (governed by electrical impulse) to function correctly if the 3-D ingredients i.e. vitamins, minerals, trace elements etc are not present. A good example of this would be if we were giving somebody with brittle bone disease Angelic Reiki. The healing would deal with the reason why this person felt "fragile". It would also correct any inability in absorption of calcium, BUT if this person has not got enough absorbable calcium in their diet they are not going to get better on the physical level.

I do, though, feel it is true that some diets can alleviate the symptoms but not deal with the disease . I know of someone who regulates their Ph balance, and if their body becomes too acid their skin rash return . In this case the diet is simply palliative and not curative. All disease has its roots in either mental and emotional inharmony or genetic and karmic inheritance, as I described in the question about autism.

With regards to allergies the bigger picture needs to be looked at. There is, as with all pathology mental and emotional components. It is absolutely reasonable for us to be allergic to toxins as this is part of the unnatural situation that we find ourselves in today. But to be allergic to good natural substances and foods is not healthy and balanced. As Kevin would say "it is not rocket science". We simply need to support the person we are healing, in asking of themselves the question "why can I not embrace the goodness of this 3-D world ?". In the case of something like pollen sensitivity (pollen is totally natural ) , the misuse of antibiotics and vaccination can create an oversensitivity of the immune system , this is the reason that the body produces too much histamine and antihistamine drugs are "effective" in this situation. Using Angelic Reiki Healing with the intention of rebalancing the Immune System ( through the etheric body)will help. In the case of hay fever, Kevin has had a lot of success. His method is to make an appointment with the client one month before the usual onset of the annual hay fever places both his hands about 3/4 inches from the eyes, with the intention of healing the etheric chakras of the eye. With the rebalance of these two Chakras, the Chakra that corresponds with the Pineal gland also comes into balance. The symptoms either do not arise or are very much reduced.

All our information and expertise with nutrition is very valid in supporting good health on all levels. It is so important that it does not become an obsession. It is much more out of balance to have a lot of " SHOULDS" in our lives than to break the rules and live in joy and freedom. The absolutely overwhelming predominant factor in the state of our health is the extent to which we Love and accept ourselves as we are, not if we take sugar in our coffee."

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QUESTION: One additional question came up for me about the attunement process for objects & foods. When you are attuning a substance to Angelic Reiki, can it transmute the physical toxins in the substance so that they are not harmful biologically? (An example of this would be a can of paint or synthetic fabrics). I was also wondering about this same idea with food. I read a perspective on food once that the nutritional laws are part of the illusion/belief system that we follow, and that any food that is blessed and infused with love, whether it is a cookie or broccoli, is as life sustaining as it could possibly be. The whole idea confused me a bit because this seems in line with spiritual laws of attention affecting physical reality and the idea that energy is all there is, but I am unsure of how the 3-D reality actually operates in this respect. I was wondering if you might be able to clear this up as well. I have been confused by some of the research that I've read on the subject and think I might be missing the truth of the matter.

"Everything is an absolute reflection of our consciousness. So exactly to the extent we could transmute the toxins of a tin of paint or make a cookie as nutritious as broccoli depends on the level of consciousness from which we view it. If it is an absolute truth for you that cookies would sustain the physical body in perfection, then it would, and that Angelic Reiki would neutralize the toxins then it would (so would the Merkabah: best tool for the job, see Drunvalo's work). This though, I feel, is very similar to levels of consciousness that Sadhus in India who can lie in a Coffin under the ground, with no air holes for weeks or months and at the end of it are in perfect health and vitality.

The formation of structure and rules of 3-D reality are actually very complex. This reality is created from many perspectives. Your consciousness has an impact on it, the collective consciousness of humanity has a profound impact, but all of this is part of the body of a greater Being that we know of as our solar system, and that is part of the body of a Being that we know of as the Galaxy etc. All with their own Karma.

There is one way of navigating and understanding all this and that is "good old commonsense". In my reality if toxic fumes come into my house I am going to be unwell, and I am definitely going to be healthier eating broccoli rather than cookies."

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1. The Healing session; the space of non doing

Hi Everyone.
Talking to the participant on a recent New Shamballa workshop, has made me realise that there may be a general misunderstanding regarding Angelic Reiki healing.

In a healing session one simply connect in the way described in the manual under the section "Healing as a Channel".

There is nothing else TO DO.

It is the not doing anything by the healer, except for connecting, that is the basis of Angelic Reiki.

It is demonstrated by all recent scientific research, especially in the field of quantum physics, that we have an absolute effect on what manifests. Therefore any DOING, thoughts, desires or intention by the healer will interfere with the field of pure angelic energy that is present for the healing.

It is the understanding of this principle of non-doing, which makes the statement by Metatron that Angelic Reiki is, "The Healing for Our Time", true.

All healing methods described in the manual are not things to DO in a healing session. Everything will spontaneously arise as directed by the Angelic Kingdom as and when needed.

The purpose of formally teaching the various healing methods within the workshop is so that the practitioner has awareness in their consciousness of what may arise. For example, if the over lighting Angelic energy prompted the healer to allow a third eye healing and the healer had no references for what was being asked, then they would not be able to facilitate it. OR if suddenly the reality of the room dropped away, or there was a significant change in energy when an Ascended Master energy became present for the healing, and the healer had no references for these, then it would probably throw the healer into the conscious mind which would be questioning what was happening.

The healing methods as taught in the workshop are simply to place in the consciousness of the practitioner the various possibilities that may arise when prompted by the Angelic Kingdom.

With Love, Christine

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QUESTION: Hi Christine, I understand that we don't have to think of symbols, hand positions etc (which I find quite liberating!) but don't we have to consciously 'hold the space'? When I give a treatment once I’ve called in my own healing angels and the clients' as well as the Ascended Masters I feel close to, I tend to back away and enjoy my own healing knowing full well that the clients' needs are taken of. Is this okay or should I remain totally focused on holding the person's aura for the angels to come through? I sometimes wonder if I'm being selfish by me enjoying this so much and may be I'm watering down the flow for the person because I'm getting it first! I don't mean it like that when I'm giving a treatment but I hope you can understand what I'm saying? Thank you for answering all these questions - it does clear many things up.
with love, Angela

"Hi Angela.
Yes we do have to consciously hold the space, but what I am saying is that this is all we have to do. When we hold this space unconditional, without putting our personal attention on anything (except enjoying the energy) then the most perfect Angelic vibration or master energy will be there. The Divine knows exact is needed. We do not. It may be that a particular client's needs healing from a E.T. or psychic surgeon. This will occur if we simply hold the space. We have to realise that we do not know what is best. For healing it is not necessary for you to call in your own angels. These are for you.

Absolutely just enjoyed the energy. In fact this is the most perfect thing to do as you share the space with your client. We do receive a healing as well as the client.

The healing process is this:-
1. Let the client tell you what they want help with. This sets the intention.
2. Dedicate the space. Kevin and I say in our consciousness "I dedicate this space to the highest healing possible for.........." This is an essential step in the healing. It allows the vibration in the room to change allowing the Angelic Kingdom to manifest. It also energetically sets the intention. It is the step that takes care of all that needs to take place and spirit and the Angelic Kingdom respond accordingly.
3. Connect to the client as described in "Healing with the Intention" in the manual.
4. Simply hold that space and enjoy
5. Disconnect as described in the manual. ESSENTIAL."

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QUESTION: Death and Angelic Reiki
When you are doing Angelic Reiki on a loved one who is dying what is the burst of such happiness and joy you feel inside as their spirit leaves the body?
Jill Marrello

"Hi Jill.
Thank you for your beautiful question.

In the eyes of spirit what we call birth is death and what we call death is birth. When we as magnificent spiritual beings drop our consciousness into the physical realms we leave to some extent, the knowledge of what existence in spirit, our true self, and what that is really like. When we hold a healing space we are actually holding a connection to the Divine. This is the honour and service of being able to be with someone as they leave the incarnation.

What you have experienced is truly how it is. It is the happiness and joy felt by the beings in spirit on welcome a loved one home. As we hold that space we too are touch by this happiness and joy as the Portal opens for them to leave the incarnation. I would also like to say at this point that the language that we use is so misleading. Yes somebody leaves the incarnation, they leave their physical body, BUT they do not go anywhere. The realms of spirit on all dimensions, are around us and with in us here and now. We had just forgotten how to feel and see it.

Although it is not often seen in this way, it is a great privilege and blessing to hold the space when a loved one leaves the incarnation. If you would like to read more on the death and dying process we do have an article here."

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QUESTION: When giving distant healing do I need the permission of the person to whom I am sending the healing?

"It has been put out by other Reiki systems that it is wrong to send healing to somebody who has not given you permission to do so. Christine and I do not recognize this is the truth.

For example, if you are travelling on public transport, and a person sits in front of you who is suffering from some kind of illness, you may feel you wish to help them. If you ask yourself where the feeling of wanting to help them comes from, I would suggest it would come from a place of empathising with that persons suffering. This is also known as compassion. It is not feeling sorry for the person, but recognizing that that person is walking a path that is causing them pain and you can feel that pain. Compassion arises from the heart and is based on love. Based on this feeling of compassion, you decide to direct the energy of Angelic Reiki to that person in order to relieve their suffering, and because compassion has the energy of love, this cannot be wrong. The manifestation of love is the whole reason why this universe is in creation at this time."

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QUESTION: Hi Christine,
Both my father's best friend (and my godfather) and my Aunt have cancer and are on hospice care. We've known for the last week that it was only a matter of time before they passed over. Last week, I received guidance that I was suppose to help them during the transition period. On Sunday, I did distance AR on my godfather. It was a profound experience with lots of pink light and him releasing some "black stuff' from his solar plexus chakra. On Wednesday, I developed a very bad cold. My guides advised me not to do any AR because of my weakened condition. I'm still dealing with the cold tonight. I just learned that both my godfather and my Aunt passed away this evening. I just tried to do distance AR for my Aunt, but had trouble holding the space and the angelic healing only lasted about 6 minutes. After the angel left my consciousness, I noticed that the healing continued with more pink and violet rays around the departing soul. It appeared that my Aunt is leaving through her heart chakra. I've read Kevin's article about the dying process. I think I can still help them over the next three days. If I did distance AR daily for the next few days, would that indeed help? If I'm still too weak to hold the space, can you suggest an alternative to AR to help them?
Best regards, Susan

"Hi Susan.
Thank you for your email. It is lovely to hear from you and Kevin and I send you much Love. You sound to have had a beautiful experience and done a great service for both your Godfather and Aunt.

Yes, absolutely you can help over the period of 3 days after the last breath. If fact one can do exactly the same service at anytime (even years) after the "death" as the 4th Dimension or Astral plane is out side of space and time as we know it. As well as the healing I suggest that you do the Archangel Michael Karma cutting Meditation on their behalf. (The one in the Angelic Reiki workbook that is done before the attunements, or the one on the website).

Look after yourself. Know that when we give a healing, including a distance healing, we ourselves are also receiving a healing, and as you have discovered even if you cannot hold the space for very long the energy pours in for as long as is needed. I don't know of anything else that can do this service like Angelic Reiki, just send the healing when you can. Let holding the space be really easy. Just dedicate the space invoke the Angel or Angels and let go, don't try to do anything else. Do some self healing and at the same time just have the intention that the perfect energy also goes to your Godfather and Aunt.

Love and Peace Always Christine "

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QUESTION: Distance Attunments
Hi Christine, Blessed be and happy 2009 I'm contacting you as I have just heard from a friend in the states that the Angelic Reiki modality is now being offered via distance training from qualified teachers via webcam and skype. This is a course that I have longed to receive for a very long time now but due to suffering with Agoraphobia for the past 10 years which I am starting to get over now with the help of the Archangels and Energy healing I just wanted to ask is this true as I would love to learn Angelic Reiki but do not want to be studying something distantly that is not allowed. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to your reply.
Many Blessings Jay

"Hi Jay.
Thank you very much for your message and Kevin and I wish you a wonderful 2009.

I am sorry to say that the information that you have been given is quite untrue. Kevin, as the Channel for the system from Archangel Metatron has always been quite clear that it is not possible to receive the full energies of the Angelic Reiki initiations through distance training.

There are a number of reasons for this. When a group gathers together a vortex of energy is created. It is by being in this vortex that the changes to our lightbody, consciousness, DN A and molecular spin takes place facilitating the attunements. These attunements are an on going process, the integration continuing through out the whole duration of the course. Angelic Reiki training is a very practical experience. Part of the integration of the energy and the necessary experience as a healer is taught through seven healing methods that are practised and experienced during the training. It is only through practical experience that we can ground this energy and pass it on to others as a healer or as a teacher. Also as the group gathers together questions arise from that group. The information that is channelled specifically meets the needs of that group. We have found interaction between the participants is highly valuable. To give the workshop at a distance would not be honouring the energies and more importantly not honouring the recipient. It would be a misrepresentation of the training that we do.

Although an important part of the Angelic Reiki training is also for self-healing it is possible to receive the full healing benefits either as hands on or as a distance healing. If you would like me to put you in touch with a local practitioner please let me know where you live.

I would be very grateful if you would let us know who passed this information on to you. If there is a teacher who is teaching through web-cam and Skype they are not actually passing on Angelic Reiki.

Looking forwards to hearing from you.

Love and Peace Always

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QUESTION: The 7 Levels of Attunements
Hi Christine, I know that Archangel Metatron has given us the Angelic Keys to the Reiki Symbols. But what exactly does it mean to experience them on all seven levels of form and Divine Form? Are those the seven Chakras? What exactly is form and what exactly is Divine Form? And are there seven levels of form, AND seven levels of Divine Form? Or are there just seven levels altogether (combined)? This is just for my Intellectual understanding, so that I know exactly what I'm talking about.

"Hi Melako.

The attunements are to seven levels of form and seven levels of Divine form.

The rule of seven is a cosmic law. The divine manifests through seven rays or emanations. This is a Divine archetype and all creation mirrors this. This is why there are seven sacred planets in our solar system, why there are seven spiritual ashrams on the inner planes, and why you have seven chakras seven days of creation, and so on. All symbols can be interpreted through the seven levels of consciousness. Each symbol will carry a different energy depending at what level it is contacted. In the initiations of Angelic Reiki we ask for the symbols given to be activated through all seven levels of form and divine form so that the student has access to all the levels of consciousness on which those symbols can be contacted.

When we look around us we think we see what is there, but even your computer has seven levels of manifestation. Modern science has indicated this. It is very difficult for us to get a sense of all the levels of manifestation and consciousness, especially in the higher spiritual realms. The Merkabah and Shamballa workshops (especially the Merkabah) allow us to understand the process of creation and manifestation through all of the 12 dimensions.

Love Christine"

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QUESTION: The Difference between Angelic Reki and Usui Reiki
Hi Christine. "What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and traditional/Usui Reiki?" Love Susan.

"Hi Susan.

There is a "Core" (!) difference between Angelic Reiki and other forms of Reiki, and indeed many other forms of healing. It is simple and totally profound.

In most forms of healings and attunements it is perceived that there is something TO DO.

All DOING comes from personality and ego. All perception that there is something to do comes from the same place. In this space the FIRST RAY LAW of the "manifestation of the DIVINE WILL" is compromised.

This why the Angels do the attunements and the healings and we just hold the space. This is why everyone reports that Angelic Reiki energy is different.

The healing wisdom of Atlantis was held after the fall in Tibet. This is why the Reiki healing symbols were found in Sanskrit Sutras. The pure understanding and philosophy of Tibet is ZEN, non doing.

To have a deep understanding of Angelic Reiki we need to embrace Zen. This is why the New Shamballa workshop is one of the 3 main classes that Kevin and I teach and why Edwin Courtenay, leading UK, channel says:-

Limitations which have been in place, limitations which echo those which were so selfishly employed by the Atlantian must now be been removed.

This new form, this liberated and evolved, truer expression of Shamballa Energy must grow.

Shamballa is the multi - dimensions element to the work which you do. It enables people’s consciousness not only to become empowered, not only to recognise their Divinity, but also to recognise their commonality, to become linked to the Whole. It repairs the damaged structure of the web. It weaves people’s consciousness back into the whole. It aligns them, through the grace of the Seraphim and the Cherubim, to come back into the Divine and all of Mankind and all of the Higher Spiritual powers that exist.

The system that you also work with, The Angelic Reiki, is the tree trunk and the roots that allows the higher powers to be draw down into the Physical plane, and anchored into this World so that Mankind can survive and grow beyond that which they were. The Shamballic energy is the branches of the tree that enables greater communion and connection to exist to all other life forms and consciousness, to the Sun and the Air and the Water. It (Shamballa) connects the tree to all other trees from the higher perspective, where as the Angelic Reiki links the tree to forces of energy and consciousness below, completing the cosmic cycle. They are two ends of the scale they are reflections of each other, power and knowledge, wisdom and application, they are the balance of the elements co joined as one.

There is more information on the Q & A's on our website

Everyone is welcome to copy and use anything on our site. Please just credit the source.

If you want any further clarification please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Love Christine"

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QUESTION: Angelic Reiki and Children
Hello Christine, I've just completed my Master course and raised a question with my teacher as to whether there is a minimum age limit for attunements and she suggested that I contact you. My son is 14 in November, he is very 'sensitive', has already been attuned to Usui Tibetan level 1 and is soon going to do his level 2. I feel very strongly that he could be attuned with Angelic Reiki as I know he would love to work at a higher vibrational level.
A friend of mine is running Teen Healer workshops and is attuning teenagers to Usui Reiki, she is finding this very successful, the participants are finding it transformational too and it seems to be helping them with all the associated problems of puberty, school, exam stress etc. I wonder how you feel about running Angelic Reiki workshops for teenagers. Thank you, Helen

"Hi Helen.

Thank you very much the question. There is absolutely no age limit on when somebody can be attuned to Angelic Reiki. The Angelic kingdom is a beautiful energy for everyone at all ages to work with.

There are though two important practical considerations.

Firstly that the child is old enough to feel happy to sit in the workshop for the full length of time (for a Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 workshop this is in total 18 hours), and that they are of an age to appreciate and understand the information that is given. Secondly that it is the child's request to take the workshop understanding fully the purpose of doing so. There is an assumption that it is better in some way to receive the attunements, but for many children they receive all that they need in terms of connection to the angelic realms, through receiving healings.

I would therefore say generally that the appropriate age to do a workshop for most children would be in their middle to late teens. It may be that they shun the energy until the experience their Saturn return in their 20s.

Trust this helps and answers your question.

With love, Christine"

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QUESTION: Angelic Reiki and Heart Conditions
Hi Christine, I was wondering if you could help me. If I give someone Angelic Reiki can this have an affect on heart eg the heart beat/rhythm of the heart. I have been giving my father Angelic Reiki since March and recently he has been passing out and the Doctors have said he has an irregular heart beat. They still have to do more tests as they are still not sure what is causing it. Could this have been caused by Angelic Reiki changing the heart beat or is it just something that happens. My father is now 86 years old. If Angelic Reiki can change the rhythm of the heart what can I do?
I just love giving Angelic Reiki. The people I have given it to who have already had Usui Reiki have said that they can certainly feel the difference and also said it is very powerful.
Love and Angel Blessings to you both. Kathlyn

"Hi Kathlyn.

From our long tradition of drug medicines we have got used to the idea of cause and effect. We can not carry these paradigms over to Angelic Reiki. In workshops I often described the healing space as an "invitation". By this I mean that the space that we hold during a healing is an invitation for the receiver to recognize their own Divinity. So in the literal sense Angelic Reiki cannot cause anything. If the change in your fathers heartbeat is due to a change in consciousness as a response to this invitation by the Divine, then in one sense one could say that Angelic Reiki was the catalyst, but I do not feel that this is what is happening here.

As we say in the workshops symptoms thrown off by the body due to a change in consciousness our simply our physiology read justing.

One of the graces of Angelic Reiki is that we as a healer do nothing except dedicate the space and hand everything over to the divine as expressed through the angelic kingdom. The angelic kingdom is perfect love. Angelic Reiki can do absolutely nothing that is contrary to your father's soul's purpose. My feeling is that the heart symptoms are not due to you giving the healings and that it is of service to continue.
Love Christine"

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QUESTION: Hi Christine, I feel guided to reply to you regarding Kathlyn's question. Having experienced severe palpitations myself and done a "journey" with a particular pharmaceutical drug, I wish if I may add this to the mix of energy I feel coming in through this question. Although I know on one level my physical heart and it's energies were being reattuned to the primal cosmic rhythm, I also know through my research (being a nutritionist), that heart palpitations can usually be linked, on a physical level to a lack, often a severe lack or depletion of magnesium. Interestingly, certain if not many pharmaceutical drugs, especially central nervous system depressants (tranquilizers) when taken, can result in this severe depletion. If I may humbly suggest, it might be prudent for Kathlyn to check out the drugs her father may be taking (if any), and or ask for guidance on him taking magnesium supplements. If there is an "energetic" way of doing this, I myself would be interested in knowing how to do this. Sending you a bucket of blessings and again thanks for the wonderful workshop in Toronto!!
Donna Hurst

"Hi Donna.

I thank you very much for this. Kevin and I feel that it is very important that in order to be of the greatest service as a healer the need for good nutrition needs to be recognized. We anticipate that in the future part of Angelic Reiki training will incorporate anatomy and physiology and nutrition. This will not be in terms of a qualification, simply awareness so that professional advice in the area of nutrition will be recommended where appropriate. We are in physical bodies and they need the appropriate foods.

I feel the area of giving nutrition on an energetic level needs some research. Yes it is possible, but to maintain good health I feel that nothing can replace good food and appropriate nutritional supplements. By good food I mean a diet that creates an alkaline balance in the body.

Thank you again for you message.
Love Christine"

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QUESTION: Unconditional Healing
Dear Christine, First of all, I want to thank you so much for being able to bring Angelic Reiki on to this Earth. After I completed my Angelic Reiki masters, I have been taken abroad to the East side of the world and have been working as an English teacher, from this I have found that people here need a lot of healing and direction as everything appears to be very materialistic and a lot of covered up sadness and insecurity. The thing is, how can I get Angelic Reiki out there? How can I heal people? I want to increase my energy levels to the extent that I am able to heal people in my presence (I hope that’s not too big-headed) and make them happy? I have not used A. Reiki for over a year now and even though I see the lights, I sometimes doubt my ability.
Thank you, Sat

"Hi Sat.

Thank you for your e-mail and it is nice to be in touch with you. Have you done Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 or the Master class (3 & 4)? I would also be really interested to know who taught your classes and where you took them.

The most important thing about Angelic Reiki is the concept that "the healer" does not do anything and it does not matter what the healer's energy is for Angelic Reiki to work. It is simply about following the steps that are laid down in the manual. Dedicating the space, connecting with hands and feeling body/auric body (same thing) and invoking the Angelic energy, THEN simply holding the space and not doing anything. When we, "the healer", do anything, or think that we have any part to play then this blocks the flow of the angelic energy. Our intention must be to hold as unconditional space as possible.

If you have been attuned to Angelic Reiki you are already healing people that are in your presence. It is important to remember that the Angelic energy is simply an "invitation" for that person to heal and change. A lot of people in the general public are totally happy and satisfied with where they are and there is no desire to change. We must unconditionally allow them to walk the path that they have chosen.

Again one of the fundamental principles of Angelic Reiki is unconditionally. We need to accept everyone exactly as they are and know that is perfect for them. The only person we can take any responsibility (or even desire) for is ourselves. Part of being an Angelic Reiki person is a commitment to our own path and indeed one of the main purposes of this method of healing, is to heal OURSELVES and support ourselves through the changes that we are all experiencing at this time.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"
Hi Sat

I feel that I can add something important to the answer that I gave yesterday in answer to your question. I believe that when you say you wish to build your own energy it is coming from the Eastern philosophies of working with Chi (Ki/Prana/Mana; all different terms for the same energy). Chi is the life force energy that is given off and take in by everything. Our principal sources of Chi is from the Sun and the earth, and by various practices like Chi Kung individuals can build their own levels of energy and enhance our power. (For those of you reading this who have done a workshop with Kevin and I recently, working with Chi is the way that we keep our etheric body healthy.) It is Chi energy, or prana, from the planet that is used in "magnetic healing". Magnetic healing is the healing that is done through physical contact with our hands. (Hands on healing). This is the most common type of healing.

In Angelic Reiki we also connect with our feeling body / Aura / consciousness. When we energetically embraced the person who is receiving the healing with our own consciousness and allow this to merge into one field of energy, and then invoke the most perfect angelic energy for the healing, we are doing what is now as "Radiate Healing". Radiatory healing does not involve our own energy levels at all. We are simply holding a space in consciousness which is infused by the angelic vibration that we have invoked. The angelic energy that is present is the most perfect for the person who is receiving. It is the energy that is brought by the angelic kingdom and thus is more perfect than you or I could ever create, or even imagine.

Because in Angelic Reiki the angelic energy totally over lights / takes over the healing space, it is also the angelic energy rather than earth Chi that flows down our arms as "magnetic healing". This is why our own personal energy is not of paramount importance when doing Angelic Reiki. It is though, a positive thing for the healer to be energised as it helps us to keep the focus for the healing.

It is this combination of magnetic and radiatory healing that makes it possible to "heal" someone on every level physical ,emotional, mental, spiritual and Soul, and most wonderfully of all it is done by the perfect divine presence of the Angelic Kingdom.

An in depth understanding of healing can be found in "Esoteric Healing" by Alice Bailey(channelled from Djwhal Khul ). Lucies Press.

I hope this gives a full explanation of the process involved in Angelic Reiki healing.

Love Christine

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QUESTION: Sacred Geometry and Angelic Reiki
Hi Christine, Have you seen this?...........FYI
Merkabah Susan

"Hi Susan.

Thank you for sending this. It is great to watch. Just to add something though. It tells only one part of the story as there are seven fundamental platonic solids, not just the star tetrahedron, that create different Merkabahs at different levels of consciousness, one for each chakra. There has to be seven as this is the creative number: seven days of creation etc. A Merkabah is creative consciousness, it is angelic. It is the knowledge of the Merkabah that enables us to deeply understand the creative principles behind Angelic Reiki and the angelic kingdom.

You might find it interesting to look at our web site

with love, Christine."

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QUESTION: The Eye Healing
Hi Christine, In the Masters 3 & 4 training we are taught the "healing eye" method of healing. Why would it be relevant? I must admit, apart from having done it during my training, I have never had to use that healing method. To me it seems slightly "devious" to send someone healing in that manner. Would it not be ideal to give someone when they ask for it - just a straight forward session? Why would we need to give the "healing eye" healing? Or otherwise if that person has expressed a desire to having change in their life (whether or not they know it consciously), would we not send them distance healing instead? Some people obviously are not necessarily open to receiving healing, could be for whatever reason (maybe a deep set belief system, that could deprive them of that opportunity). I could see using the "healing eye" method for that, but that would seem devious.
Also in the Usui system ( when I used to teach it). We taught our students to ask for permission first, either in person or from the Higher Self of the person, if doing distance healing. I don't remember ever learning that in Angelic Reiki. I've been sending Angelic Reiki to everyone I sense needs healing...this should not be a problem? My sense is that I am not interfering with their life path and process , as the Angels and Higher Guides are doing the healing anyway. What do you think? Any clarity that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
with love and joyous blessings, Qiming

"Hi Qiming and Everyone.

Thank you very much for your question it is a very important one. I am sorry that it may be quite a long answer but the information here, I believe, is exceedingly important.

It is absolutely true that in Angelic Reiki we do teach that it is NOT necessary to ask permission to send a distance healing, or an "Eye Healing". The reason for it not be necessary to ask to send a distance healing is exactly the same that makes it NOT "devious" or intrusive to send an "Eye Healing".

In a way the word "Healing", is not an appropriate word to use in Angelic Reiki, because of the implications of the meaning of the word through recent usage. Usually the word healing is used when it is perceived that there is something "wrong" with someone and they need to receive energy to change or improve things for them. This is not the definition of healing in Angelic Reiki. It is important to see everyone as already Divine, and perfect; which is the truth. An Angelic Reiki "healing", is simply about holding an unconditional space, totally infused with the energy divine perfection, the angelic realms, as an invitation for that person to recognize their own perfection and divinity in that moment. In an Angelic Reiki healing we do not perceive that there is anything to "DO". If there is nothing to do everything must be perfect now. As someone connects with their own soul or Higher self there is no room for anything that is not perfect. (See Djwhal Khul's laws of healing, LAW 1 in the students 1 and 2 work book).

Sometimes concerns about the eye healing do come up and this is often due to pastlife memories. Sending energy through eye contact has in the past and is now being misused. One of the purposes of teaching this method of healing is to clear the misuse and bring back the higher pure potential of this method of human contact. In the past it was used in Egypt by the priests to program those in power to do their will. Today it is used by advertisers. When there is a TV advert with a full eye contact there is the possibility to send a subliminal message to the consumer. Eye healing was used in Atlantis and other ancient civilisations. It is a way to contact people's past lives and Soul. As you can feel in the eye healing practice it is a beautiful and honouring space to gaze into someone's eyes. When sending a healing in everyday practice, a simple glance is sufficient.

All Angelic Reiki healing can be seen as an invitation or blessing. If you are walking down the street and see someone that touches your heart, spontaneously a pulse of love is transmitted to that person. We do not ask permission to send this love, and indeed it would be impossible to do so as it is a natural and spontaneous reaction. Sending an Angelic Blessing or healing is the same as this.

How beautiful to be able to send unconditional Angelic energy will be glanced into someone's eyes.

On a more practical level eye healing can be used in situations where it would not be possible to do a hands on session and yes distance healing would may also be appropriate, but the eye healing process gives us the opportunity to build energy over a period of time. An example would be to allow the Angels to program a sphere for 7 to 10 days (whatever time feels right for you) for a teenager who is going through a difficult time, or a rebellious seven-year-old who is having problems at school, or a person in the office who is obviously struggling. It is not devious, it is simply a way of transmitting an Angelic Blessing of Love, and an invitation to that person to start to recognize the truth of their own divinity, beauty and power.

With Love Christine"

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QUESTION: More on Eye Healing
I don't like the [eye] thing it reminds of this gypsy movie where she used the evil eye on people to bring them bad luck and harm. I like the hands on or human touch. Love and Prayers to you and your spouse.

"Hi Jill.

Yes, the Eye Healing does remind us of the lots of ways in which this method of transmitting energy has been abused. As I said in the last Q & A, one of the purposes of it being included in Angelic Reiki is for us to heal in ourselves and in the human collective consciousness the energy of that misuse, move past it and embrace this method of healing in its most beautiful and loving way that deeply touches the soul of the receiver.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: Worthiness
Dear Christine, I have sent this question to Kevin but then I got your email if we had any questions so please forgive the duplication! I am having a big problem with feeling 'worthy' enough now I am at 'master' level. I was great with Levels 1 and 2 and could feel the energy beautifully and different people said how relaxed they felt etc but now, after doing my masters I feel flat. It seems that people are walking away disappointed in what they are feeling and I can't seem to get that gorgeous feeling back when I call in my healing angels (I know they are still there but I feel I'm a disappointment to them because of the way I am feeling - does this make sense?). I know I am utterly wrong in the way I am thinking but I can't help but think why would these beautiful angels want me to become a channel for their energy when I think of myself in such negative ways. I've never done anything particularly bad but growing up my Mum would use the fact that we couldn't receive Jesus in Holy Communion (I'm Catholic so good old Catholic guilt!!) if we had 'sinned'. I don't know if I'm just still feeling those repercussions? Pleas tell me what I can do as I really miss the feeling.
with many thanks, Angela

"Hi Angela.

Thank you very much for sharing this with me as it gives me the opportunity to send out some very important information.

Something that is not often mentioned in workshops is that Angelic Reiki was given primarily for self-healing and to support light workers through the changes that are happening at this time. What has happened here is that the Masters 3 & 4 workshop has brought to the surface personal issues that are there and need to be addressed at this time. The wise part of you, that guide you to do this workshop, knew that the primary reason was for your own personal journey.

Angelic energy is not always soothing, and relaxing. It is sometimes disruptive. Angelic Reiki brings in the angelic energy which is unconditional and in the Divine Perfection. It therefore brings to the surface anything within each of us that is not in divine perfection and that we need to address as one of the lessons/opportunities that our soul has chosen for this lifetime.

Recent spiritual thinking that has led us to believe that we should be living lives of love and light and happiness has done us a great DISSERVICE. It can be a rough and rugged road walking the spiritual path, facing all of the self doubt and feelings of unworthiness. What is facing you is one of the main spiritual challenges on the path to recognizing who you really are. The Masters workshop has been of great service to you in presenting you with the opportunity to now work through major issues on the spiritual path.

As Angelic Reiki practitioners and teachers our primary concern is our own healing path. We cannot serve others if we do not serve ourselves first. Sometimes it means that we have got to take time out to do our own personal healing and this is exactly what Kevin has had to do over the last year so. It is therefore very important to do self-healing and to embrace whatever healing modalities that are most going to supporter each you. If it was not for our many resources of healing tools Kevin and I certainly would not have got through the last two years. We use our Merkabah Medication (workshops coming up in the UK and USA soon) to balance our emotional body and remove negative programming, we used the Shamballa energy to bring in acceptance, Unconditional Love and the spiritual Warrior energy needed to walk this path, (again Workshops in the UK and USA in 2009) Homoeopathy for physical and emotional healing, (there are many excellent professional homoeopaths around) and SRT (Soul Recreation Therapy, which I do as a distance clearing) to clear past life and soul karmic issues.

The right tools for you will present themselves, just go where your heart leads you.

I congratulate you on coming to this place on your spiritual journey.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: The Soul and Soul Group
Hi Christine, The question is please define "soul group."
Many thanks and angelic wishes x

"The first thing that I need to point out is that our human minds do not have the references to enable us to accurately understand the nature of soul. To do our best to understand spiritual things, humanity has always used symbolic references, e.g. pictures of people with wings to represent angelic energy. So the way in which I am going to illustrate what is soul group, or family is, IS NOT exactly true, it is simply about using concepts that we do understand to try and convey a concept that we can only intuit.

God, The Divine, Source, Infinite Possibilities, call it what you will, is an infinite field of potential that is located in no specific place. The nature of this infinite field of possibilities is an innate desire to create. The only thing it can create is a reflection of itself, because that is all that is known. This creates a reflection. (Sorry this is all very esoteric and only really understandable if you've done the Merkabah workshop). That reflection reflects itself again and again, and some of the process continues. At this point Source simply knows itself and it is the infinite presence. At a point in this process of creation that is created sees itself and recognizes itself as “something”. This is the point where individuation occurs and there is a recognition (although not really true) of something that can be named. In terms of our own differentiation from source this first unit is called the Monad. There are 144,000 aspects to this Monad each of which is a soul group, or soul family. Each soul family has 12 aspects to it, you are one aspect. Imagine it rather like a flower with 12 petals. The other aspects may be in incarnation here or somewhere else, or not in incarnation. The soul family is like a greater aspects of the self.

The member of the soul family that we can get on with most easily is your soul mate as that is the soul aspect that is most like you and is next to you if you imagine the 12 petals flower. Contrary to popular opinion the most difficult person to get on with is your twin flame, because they are the opposite aspect of you.

Just an example of more than one aspect of self:-

When I went to Tibet in about 1998 and visited a monastery just outside Lhasa, I absolutely knew that I had been a young monk there when the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1958/9; but actually I had been at school in the UK.

I hope that this helps, but feel it for yourself and use your own intuition.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: The Healing Space, Being Professional
Hi Christine, I had my first angelic reiki paying customer today. I thought the healing went quite well on my part - I thought it was a lovely energy. When it was complete, I asked the lady how she felt and she said my chair was a bit uncomfy. I will sort the chair out and will try to get a therapy table or decent chair. However, she said she also felt a bit sick towards the end of the healing session. I feel it is a form of release - what do you think - (from the angels point of view (as I had asked them after) she had healing for her highest good). I also explained healing goes on for 21-28 days. I had warned her beforehand that it can sometimes bring things to the surface/release things and it may be that she may feel some this or emotional. I told her to take it easy for the day. Perhaps If I warn them about this, will it attract it?
Please let me have your thoughts/advice.

"Hi, First of all I want to say that Kevin and I do very strongly recommend that when doing a professional healing to used a therapy table/couch. The person receiving the healing can only totally let go if they are laid down and this is an important part of the healing.

Yes it is appropriate to point out that someone may feel symptoms of cleansing, either during or after the healing. Other feelings might be of discomfort in the limbs, especially in the areas of the joints where blocked energy is starting to move. Pointing this out can be important information for the client and definitely does not create it. We need to feel what information needs to be given before the healing for each individual client, but if someone is new to healing then cleansing symptoms are important to explain.

One of the things that we as human beings are exceedingly well trained in is having an opinion; comparing, assessing, evaluating etc. Not only are we trained from being very young in his particular skills, we can actually take specialist courses in it. For Angelic Reiki these human habits have no place.

If we do not get involved, setting up anticipations, expected outcomes, agendas etc: if we really do not get involved there is an absolute 100% guarantee that every healing, what ever happens, is absolutely perfect.

Another aspect of the totally unconditional space that we hold for a Angelic Reiki healing, is that when the person leaves after the consultation, we also let them go in consciousness. We do not wonder how they are doing, is the healing working? Are they feeling better?. If the healing is in the hands of the divine, which it is when the angelic energy totally merges with us, then what ever happens after the healing is perfect. In holding that person in consciousness and wondering how they are is not embracing that everything is okay, that everything is exactly as it needed to be, that the angelic kingdom is in charge not us. Yes there may be some situations where we need to think about the client afterwards, but not to wonder how the healing went.

Please read the most recent posting on the Angelic Reiki Yahoo group which talks about good and evil. Also the message posted on 28th October.

We are not here to do good or to channel nice energy. We are here to find the middle space between what we judge is good and what we judge is evil.

We, as healers, as a human incarnation, absolutely do not have the facilities to make a value assessment of healing energy or the results.

This unconditional space is one of the basic tenants of Angelic Reiki.

With Love, Christine"

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QUESTION: Feeling unwell after a healing session
Christine, I am giving therapies to 4 people and after each healing I ask them how they feel and all of them have answered that they feel sick and feel their heads too heavy. None of them have told me they feel fine. Is this normal? What can I recommend these people to do?

"Hi, this is something that happens when people first start to do Angelic Reiki. It is a change that you need to make; there is no advice for the client. My guess is that you are trying very hard to do your best for your clients, and that you would like them to have a wonderful experience and benefit from the healing. Is any of this true?

This is how we have been taught and it is very deeply conditioned in us, but the pitfall here is desire. We really do have to teach ourselves a whole load of new rules. In truth these are the rules of unconditional love, this is the essence of that that we call Shamballa.

Unconditional love means of love without conditions.

The rules are:-
» No judgement.
» Don't try to do anything.
» No expected outcome.
» Don't try to make them better. Don't even hope that they will get better. If you have a hope that they will get better that must mean that you are seeing them as not being perfect now.
» Don't wonder how they are doing after the healing. If you wonder if they are getting better after the healing then this must mean that you do not believe that the divine is in charge.

I hope this helps. The unconditional space of unconditional love is actually the opposite to much that we have been taught and does need some practice and re thinking.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: Non Interference Affirmations
Hi Christine, IS it OK if I get my 1&2 students to do the affirmations before coming to the course? The reason I say this is because a student of mine has had problems with people whose energy has not been that clear and she has asked them to do these before coming along.
I know I have mentioned this before to you and you think that they should not be given out before the course but I just think that people will be coming to the workshop much clearer if they have said these and it would help everyone – especially when the healing takes place. Also, surely if they do not resonate with what is being said in the affirmations then angelic reiki is not really for them.
I would really appreciate your comments on this as I know that I always used to ask people to say these before coming but then retracted this when you said you did not recommend this.
Love JL x

"Hi Jayn-Lee

In our experience virtually nobody has a proper understanding as to the background and reasons for doing the non interference affirmations. Indeed it is part of this planet's history that is not understood. In our experience only about one person in 20 that attend workshops have read or and have any idea about the background to these affirmations. Therefore the vast majority of people are being asked to do something for which they have absolutely no understanding. This isn't to say that it won't work, but I am not sure that it is okay to ask people to do something totally blind.

It is absolutely not true that if these affirmations do not resonate then Angelic Reiki is not for them. One could argue exactly the opposite. If these affirmations do not resonate with someone this may be because they are only experiencing a very small amount of interference, therefore they do not feel it is appropriate. This person it could be said to be working more with the light.

I really do not think that the "stuff" that these affirmations clear is the cause for people's energy not being balanced at the start of the workshop. It is much more likely to be due to their own personal belief systems or that they have given their power away to previous teachers, especially any teacher who is doing attunement from Ego. This can happen to some extent in any attunement that is done through the consciousness of the teacher. The much more important thing is to make sure that people appreciate the energy that they are going to be working with before the workshop, and that the teacher must be very aware of any allopathic drugs that that person is taking especially antidepressants etc.

At the bottom of this message is the e-mail that Kevin and I send out to everyone before they take the workshop.

The non interference affirmations are not part of the Angelic Reiki workshop. They are an optional extra put in just three years ago because of requests from a particular workshop group. It is important not to undervalue the power of the clearing meditation that is done before each attunement in the Angelic Reiki workshop these are an essential part of the workshop and specifically designed to clear everything that someone is willing to let go of in that moment PERFECTLY in preparation for the attunement. The affirmation will not clear most of the main "stuff" that people bring to workshops.

It is also important not to judge or assume that because you or someone you have taught has experienced a very powerful response to these affirmations, that they are indeed appropriate for everyone. In fact they do not work for everyone.

It is also important that we accept people on our workshops with their stuff. None of us are squeaky clean and we are embracing Angelic Reiki with the purpose of moving beyond our stuff. There are of course exceptions to this and each teacher needs to use their own discernment. The only absolute guidance that Kevin and I can give is that if someone is on mind altering allopathic medication, e.g. antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs, then do not accept them on your workshop with out first personally talking to them and getting a feel for whether the energy will support them or not. Allopathic drugs block our conscious connection with the painful events that created the pathology in the first place. The energy of Angelic Reiki brings up everything that we need to look at. If someone is on antidepressants etc there is part of them that has made a choice not to look at the causation event. Sometimes people are willing to move past that, but other times not. If they are not willing to look at the cause then we are doing them absolutely no service at all by welcoming them on a workshop where the will experience an energy which is going to take them to where they had made a choice that they do not want to go.

The situation of having to decline someone's application to attend a workshop is very rare. I have found that through talking the issues through with each individual case that they have experienced the workshop as a supportive and uplifting experience.

It is really important, and in fact the essence of Angelic Reiki, that we are absolutely without opinion and judgement. This is very difficult as we are brought up in the West to constantly be "assessing" through comparison with other events and experiences, the value of what we do. We cannot even go shopping round a supermarket without doing the process of comparison and judgement!

There is nothing "wrong" in sending out the affirmations, but they are not part of the energy of Angelic Reiki. As you know Kevin and I really try to resist putting out constraints or rules.

The clearing that is done before each attunement is adequate and designed specifically to prepare each person to receive the attitude. If there is an incomplete clearing this is because the person is not willing to let go of the attachments. They may not be totally consciously aware of them. This is something that the teacher needs to deal with as it arises in the class, and each case is different.

I would like to add that as teachers we are not responsible for the experiences of our students. We are concerned with empowering each person to take responsibility for their own journey.

Love and Peace Always, Christine


Hi Everyone.

Just a quick couple of lines to clarify that the non interference affirmations are not part of the Angelic Reiki workshop. They are a optional extra.

In the Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 part of our seven-day workshop, Kevin and I rarely find that we need to mention them. In the 3 & 4 and master teachers part we do mention them because they are in the work book, but one does not have to.

We only take up time in the workshops to cover this if it feels particularly appropriate for that group, or it has come up is a specific question. Even then we do not usually to take time out of the workshop to do the affirmations. We usually give the information and background about these affirmations and then suggest that if anyone in the group feels they are appropriate for them, and that they personally do them, either on their own or with other people.

We recommend that the affirmations are done three times with at least a three-month gap between each time they are done.

Totally go with your own guidance and the needs of your group.

Love and Peace Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: Dear Christine, I was very interested to read your reply to Jayn-Lee. I am delighted to have taken part in the Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 workshop with Jayn- Lee, who was an excellent teacher and am amazing person who I feel privileged to have met. I found the course profoundly life-enhancing and the clearing meditations and attunements were very powerful.
I do not feel qualified to enter the debate on non-interference affirmations, or when they should be done, as I really do not know enough about them, apart from having said them out loud as instructed. However, I am in total agreement with your opinion on the use of anti-depressants.
A large part of my work to date has been as a spiritual life-coach and healer. I never cease to be amazed at the number of clients who come to me having been prescribed anti-depressants without any consideration by their doctor of the root causes of their distress/anxiety. I do not feel this is always a choice that has been made by the patient and that they personally are necessarily denying the cause themselves, but that the causes, often very deep-rooted in the sub-conscious, have not been properly investigated and therefore they have not been given the chance to acknowledge them and thus work through them. Through tuning in to their psyche's and exposing the possible causes, I am therefore able to bring them to the surface and help them to face them head on and restore balance and harmony. Several clients have even been able to stop taking their medication following our sessions and having consulted their doctors.
I was guided to take the Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 and I know this will be a powerful healing tool and will greatly enrich my spiritual work. I am so grateful to you and Kevin for having revealed it to us all.
With much respect, love and light, Jane Terry.

"QUESTION: Non Interference Affirmations

You are all totally welcome to copy and use this, or take parts of it and adapted as you feel.

During the spring of 2007, the energy of Angelic Reiki went through a transition and was experienced by the workshop participants in a more pure and potent way. This divine energy, by its very nature, creates balance; thus searching out everything within our consciousness, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that compromises us embracing the truth of our own divinity.

As you may have realized from the web site, our teachings and practices are based on The Ancient Wisdom. In the ancient times, "students" had to commit to a time of preparation before receiving initiation. Today, with the fast pace with which everything is moving, it is not appropriate to do as Pythagoras for example did . . . asking his students to be in silence for three years before entering his school. We therefore just ask you to hold in your consciousness the sacredness of the work we are to do. This includes embracing all personal changes and clearings that will present themselves to you in the time running up to the workshop. People do experience, to varying degrees of intensity, physical, emotional and spiritual clearings. If any of these clearings present a problem to you, please contact me and I will do whatever I can to support you and give you an insight into the process. Because of the cleansing purity of the energy that is now contacted in Angelic Reiki, we have been shown by past experience that it is important that our participants advise us if they are at the present, or in the past, taking any prescribed psychotic medication (for example antidepressants) or have had problems with alcohol or drugs.

We give no specific advice as to diet or lifestyle leading up to the workshop, but just ask you to be open to your own guidance and embrace what ever feels right for you.

Please reply to this e-mail in order to let me know that you appreciate and embrace what we have been guided to pass out to all our students.

Love and Peace Always, Christine and Kevin"

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Hi Everyone, For those of you who are on our Angelic Reiki e-mail group you will have received a copy of

Kevin and I believe it is excellent information and exactly where humanity is now. The invitation is to absolutely not go into fear. This opportunity to allow the light to shine in the darkest places has never been so great for hundreds of thousands of years. This is the reason that you came to this planet at this time and it is up to each of us to make our own personal decision as to which way our paths will unfold in the next three years. We can do it joyously embracing and utilising the divine power that we have or we can struggle. Do you want to take the high road or the low road? The choice is ours. As a powerful resource we are offering the New Shamballa workshop which was designed and given by the Divine Hierarchy exactly for this time. There are already two of these workshops arranged for the spring. The first is from Saturday 7th to 11th March in North London and the second is 25th to 29th March held in Harrogate North Yorkshire. I would also like to share with you some information that Edwin Courtenay Channelled for Kevin and I.

If we do not find now the tools and understanding to carry us forwards we could experience 2009 as a challenging time.

For further information about New Shamballa please go to or send me a note via the contacts page and I will forward to you information about the workshop.

This workshop is open to anyone whether they have done Angelic Reiki or not. So if you know anyone who is having a hard time, or you think may be interested please feel free to pass on the information.

Love and Peace Always, Christine


Edwin Courtenay on Shamballa July 2005
QUESTION: What is the role of Shamballa in the work that Christine and I have to do?

"Limitations which have been in place, limitations which echo those which were so selfishly employed by the Atlantian must now be been removed.

This new form, this liberated and evolved, truer expression of Shamballa Energy must grow.

Shamballa is the multi - dimensions element to the work which you do. It enables people’s consciousness not only to become empowered, not only to recognise their Divinity, but also to recognise their commonality, to become linked to the Whole. It repairs the damaged structure of the web. It weaves people’s consciousness back into the whole. It aligns them, through the grace of the Seraphim and the Cherubim, to come back into the Divine and all of Mankind and all of the Higher Spiritual powers that exist.

The system that you also work with, The Angelic Reiki, is the tree trunk and the roots that allows the higher powers to be draw down into the Physical plane, and anchored into this World so that Mankind can survive and grow beyond that which they were. The Shamballic energy is the branches of the tree that enables greater communion and connection to exist to all other life forms and consciousness, to the Sun and the Air and the Water. It (Shamballa) connects the tree to all other trees from the higher perspective, where as the Angelic Reiki links the tree to forces of energy and consciousness below, completing the cosmic cycle. They are two ends of the scale they are reflections of each other, power and knowledge, wisdom and application, they are the balance of the elements co joined as one."

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QUESTION: Teaching Angelic Reiki
I've asked the angels to help me as I had felt a bit fearful of how/if I would ever pull it off and they say the key is preparation and if I am going to do it, to get all the right bits etc and take the time to get it right and surrender any fear/control. I feel more confident now. It will happen in divine timing. Also, as a representative of angelic reiki, I feel I must try to do things to the best of my ability, although without ego, control but with love.
Thank you for your support and good wishes, Angelic blessings

"Hi, we get a lot of messages expressing apprehension of some sort or another before teaching the workshop. We get a second e-mail saying how easy, wonderful and magical it was and how everyone thought it was amazing.

Absolutely right, do the practical preparation, which grounds your intention, then let go.

As it is all down to intention, those who desire to do their best for the highest energies of Angelic Reiki because this is whatto happen.

Just "open up the space", committing the whole workshop to the highest Angelic Energies and have fun.


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QUESTION: How did Kevin come to channel Angelic Reiki?
Hi Christine, I have been asked by a student how Kevin came to be the channel for the Angelic Reiki system? I don't recall seeing any info anywhere that would answer that question.
Love Susan.

"Hi Susan, I am really pleased that you have sent these questions as no one has asked any after the Christmas break. All the feedback that I am getting is that everybody finds the Q & A really helpful. So everyone, if you have a question please don't hesitate to forward it on to me, you are supporting everybody.

All the questions that come have been asked before, but I am finding that in the Q & A situation I am getting new answers and new perspectives and answering in a different way.

Before I can answer this question I have to set out a couple of points. First that there is more to Angelic Reiki than first meets the eye, and indeed Kevin and I are perceiving deeper and deeper levels of the magic and ancient wisdom that is woven together to create this unique system. I often use the analogy of Angelic Reiki being like a cake. None of the ingredients are new, just like the flour that one might use, it is the same flour as anybody can buy, but what makes a special cake is the choice of ingredients that are mixed together, the quality of those ingredients, and how they are prepared. It is the skill of the cook that make something special.

To continue this analogy we need to also look at the process of channelling. Although it is not often realized, even by the channel, it is impossible to receive and process through the conscious brain any information from spirit for which the channel does not have a reference. All levels of our consciousness are the conduit through which channelled information is received, this includes human consciousness. If the channel does not have references to make sense of the information then it cannot be relayed. There is no point in spirit giving me any information about nuclear physic, but perhaps Lee Carole could channel this.

Kevin had recall of pastlife wisdom that was needed, had very widely read esoteric books in this lifetime, and had a deep understanding of what most people found difficult, also he has experienced extremely powerful personal initiations in this lifetime. He was reading Greek philosophy instead of playing football at the age of 12. He had all the resources, wisdom and information that spirit needed to create this cake called Angelic Reiki. He gave up his ordinary job, which on the face of it he absolutely could not afford to do, and for nine months just followed the prompting of spirit. His lifelong guide is Djwhal Khul, the master of the Second Ray, Love/ Wisdom, the ray of healing. He was guided by Djwhul Khul to obscure books in the library, etc. Over those months information and guidance came to him from numerous different souses; he was phoned by friends who had been told to give the Master attunement in Usui and Shamballa Reiki (he was already an experienced intuitive healer and did not need these attunements to be a healer). He did not know why all this was happening but at the end he was shown that it was a healing system.

It is only when you know him as well as I do that one realises the incredible knowledge and clear perception that he has. He came to do this job. Another essential aspect was him and I coming together, uniting the male and female and twin flames.

With love, Christine"

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QUESTION: The Ancient Language used in Angelic Reiki
Hi Christine
1) Who / what are the Council of Ain?
2) Many of the names are seemingly Hebrew, especially in the amazing final attunements at the end of Level 1&2 attunements linked to Quabalah but not / other sacred texts - why is this?
Love D

"Hi D, some of the questions asked are really very deep and can only be completely answered through one of the other workshops the Kevin and I teach. It would really take me a full seven days to answer this properly. I will do my best! As you have probably realised both questions are connected.

The attunements are done through all seven sacred languages, but one language had to be chosen to be used and yes it is ancient Hebrew.

All Reiki and any teaching or attunements are takes us from the illusion of separation and towards the knowledge of our divine selves, come from high Atlantean wisdom. This is because this is our lineage and history. When Atlantis fell, both in consciousness and physically, and people started to use the knowledge, wisdom and power that they had for personal gain, the truth was preserved and held in specific places on the earth. The two main ones that we are concerned about are Egypt and Tibet. Egypt has always been a great centre of learning and all great teachers including Pythagoras and Sananda went there to study and to take spiritual initiations. One of the earliest of these initiates that we know of is Moses who took this knowledge and created the foundation of the wisdom that we today known as the Quabalah, (Kabalah) and the book of Wisdom known as the Torah. As man fell more and more into ego and separation this wisdom was kept secret because of its power. The tarot cards that we use today are our most visible connection to the ancient wisdom of archetypes (angels), and as you can see from these cards the secrets are well hidden.

The language of ancient Hebrew is more accessible to us than Sanskrit, so we in the West have been very much more readily drawn to working with the Quabalah rather than sutras.

Sound is very important in the process of creation and many of the words that we think of as names for things, angels, beings and Masters are not "names" as such. They are sound of formulas that invoke that particular energy. In ancient Hebrew they never wrote down the vowels because this was the invocation of the power of the word, thus it was kept secret so that only the initiated and wise could use it. When we say "Michael", especially if it has sounded in a particular way, we are actually vibrating the sphere of consciousness and thus the reality around us by a very precise formula. This formula has numerical correspondences as well as correspondences in levels of consciousness (the sephiroth on the tree of life) and archetypes. Thus the quality of words that we use totally determines the energy that is created. The purer the sound the purer the manifestation. Thus to use the closest words that history has preserved for us enables us to invoke the clearest energy.

The Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Ur are words in ancient Hebrew that invoke the three primal motions (the Trinity) of creation. They are often shown as three half circles above the tree of life. The word Council in this case means had a collective consciousness.

As you will see many of the words in the Angelic Attunement do not make sense in modern day usage. (For example renunciation, righteousness, mercy and archon). When we say these words in this attunement we are connecting into the highest meaning of this language and invoking the energy of Wisdom held in ancient Hebrew, brought by Moses out of Egypt, and held by Egypt after the fall of Atlantis. It is purist and most accessible lineage to the high wisdom of Atlantis.

With love, Christine."

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QUESTION: Abundance and Angelic Reiki
Hi Christine, Yes I do teach Angelic Reiki, I work with Ann, we have not done any workshops for a while, People have not got the money. We were going to do a workshop October last year, 4 people had booked on, and at the last minute they all cancelled because they could not afford it. I did learn from that I do have to take deposits, I never do but will in future. Ann and myself spent a lot of time preparing for that workshop.
I have been asked lots of times if we could teach it as 4 separate workshops, I personally think that would be better and more affordable at this time. This is a time when more and more people are exploring their spiritual pathway, and as much as they are very drawn to working and healing with the Angels, they do go for traditional Reiki because it is more affordable. It actually works out about the same but is spread out over 4 workshops instead of 2. We have offered to be paid in instalments, we do try to be accommodating. I advertise it in my newsletter and on my website, by putting fliers around. Most of the feedback is about the other work that I do. The enquiries that I do get about the Angelic Reiki, people are keen to do it but are put off by the price. To be honest I would not be able to do it now so I am very glad I did it when I did.
I am a Clairvoyant Medium and also facilitate Spiritual Awareness Circles and Workshops. There are other therapies that I do as well, I just wish the Angelic Reiki would do as well, I love teaching it, and clients who have the Angelic Reiki healing just love it. It is an amazing experience for them. (and dare I say it, for me to.)
I did ask Pauline about teaching 4 workshops instead of 2 and I had an email back from Yourself / Kevin or Maggie, (I am not sure who, Sorry,) saying that we could not do this because of the energies. Which is fair enough but I am sure a lot more people would become Angelic Reiki practitioners if we could do it this way. So maybe you’re in a position to take on board what I have said and maybe think about making these changes, I am sure that I am not the only one to think this.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, I know you must be really busy. I know how long it takes, you log on to see if there are any emails, and answer those that are important and goodbye a good couple of hours / evening.
Thank you for putting me on your emailing list.
With Love, Peace and Harmony, Jayne

"Hi Jayne, thank you very much for your question it is an important one, so I'm sending the answer out to everyone.

One of the important things about Angelic Reiki is for the participants of the workshop to sit in the energy for the amount of time that we recommend. The 1 & 2 workshop takes approxiametely two hours on the Friday evening, plus a full day on the Saturday and Sunday. During this time, for seven days before and seven days after, plus the period of time between the participants are committing (paying deposit) to the workshop, the necessary activations are taking place. They do not take place just during the attunements. The "initiation" into Angelic Reiki includes a change in the cellular and molecular spin and vibration of every molecule and atom within the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In 3-D this takes time. (To sit in this energy for seven days is one of the privileges gained by doing our seven-day workshop). The most potent part of these initiations starts as soon as the teacher opens up the workshop space on the Friday evening and continues until the workshop spaces is closed at the end of Sunday. This is what it takes to deeply integrate these attunements.

Regarding abundance and number of people on workshops.

Being attuned to Angelic Reiki Master is not a qualification in Angelic Reiki. It is an initiation into self Mastership and always has been in all forms of Reiki attunements. It is the invitation to take on board that we accept the path of learning that we are Masters of the 3-D world.

There is at the moment a very powerful propaganda being put out by the few who wish to controller us on this planet. They have given it the name "credit crunch" and "recession". It is simply a campaign to anchor into our consciousness fear and powerlessness. We have a choice. We can embrace the power of light which is streaming onto our planet in the years coming up to 2012 and beyond or we can play the game of fear and victim. As it is so powerfully demonstrated in the film "The Secret" (which Kevin and I strongly recommend to everyone), just like the law of gravity, another law is that of attraction. That is how this universe works, we attract to ourselves what we think.

It is a great challenge and at the same time it is a amazing opportunity. It is the path that we are all being invited to walk. During our journey through Kevin's cancer (or more accurately put “our cancer") we have been given a great spiritual kick up the arse to acknowledge this law and use it. We are all learning the disciplines of the Spiritual Warrior and it is the core of where humanity is at this moment. As well as recommending “The Secret", I also recommend Tom Kenyon's latest channelling. It is on the Angelic Reiki e-mail group website and of course on Tom's website.

Our two other workshops, New Shamballa and The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation are tools that Kevin and I offer to support this process. Embracing what we already know, and what we are powerfully learning every day, Kevin and I are going to present a new manifestation workshop from the 25th to the 27th of September.

Come on let's rock 'n' roll and blast this reality into what we want.

Love Peace and Power Always, Christine"

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QUESTION: The Angel Face
Hi Christine, I'm a newly qualified AR Master (trained with Shon East) I have a question that has been bugging me over the past few weeks. Not a very interesting one but one I would like to know the answer to all the same.
The angel picture that you use for the advertising of AR I notice is the angel that appears in Leonardo's painting of Madonna on the Rocks - is there a significance there or is it something that you were just drawn to?
Sorry if you have addressed this question before.
Love and blessings, Faye

"Hi Faye.

It is actually a very interesting question. Because Leonardo da Vinci was an initiate into the societies of that day that knew the wisdom of sacred geometry all of his paintings are in Divine proportion. This means they emanate the energy unconditional love. This is something that we look at in-depth at part of the Merkabah workshop at it is the fundamental knowledge behind the power of the angelic kingdom.

With love, Christine"

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QUESTION: Angelic Reiki and Pregnancy
Hi Christine, I have had an enquiry from a lady who will be 7 months pregnant at the time of my next attunement group. Is it OK to accept her or would it be wiser to wait til she's had the baby? I have been told, in other work that I do, that its not a good idea to do energy work that raises the vibration of the mother in the later stages of pregnancy or until about 6 months after the birth. I have never been told of any "contra indications' for the angelic reiki attunements thou but thought it best to check with you.
Love and Blessings, Susan

"Hi Susan.

It would be wonderful for her to receive the attunement 7 months pregnant. As she is enquiring about the class at this time it is probably an Indigo child that she is carrying and it would be a great gift for this child for the mother to receive the attunement and greatly ease its birth into 3D. This is one of the special and important purposes of Angelic Reiki. It creates a cellular, molecular, DNA and hormonal environment in the mother that is more in tune with the vibration of these new children being born now.

With Love, Christine"

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