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About Me
My name is Ruby and I am the founder of Holistic Ruby specialising in Angelic Reiki , Crystal Healing , Sound Healing , Hypnotherapy and Holistic Life Coaching & I am also the Treasurer for the Angelic Reiki UK.

Angelic Reiki has played an important part on my spiritual journey, allowing me to develop a strong foundation to build from to support me in transforming my life to one that is more healthier and fulfilling on all levels and I am very grateful to my master teacher Siu Ying who taught me the complete four part system.

Since 2013 I have been Teaching Angelic Reiki ,its has been a great privaliage to hold the workshops enableing me to share this beautiful healing modality channelled by Kevin & Chistine Core with others providing them with the tools and knowledge to support then on their journey thus placing them in their own spiritual power.

Global energies have been going through Major changes since 2012 & in 2015 we have seen and continue to experience major energy shifts which are affecting all of us as we shift in to 5d. Angelic reiki can support us as we go through this transition process to help rebalance / harmonise our energies and helps us to release physical, ancestral,emotional and karmic imbalances which are not in alignment with our true authentic self thus enabling us to shine our light brighter and bringing us into balance with our divine feminine and masculine.

I offer Angelic Reiki Healing and Teach the complete four Part Angelic Reiki System workshops which are being held October 2015 / November 2015 / December 2015 for further information please visit my website or email if you have any questions.

Wishing You Angelic love & Light


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